Kill Lust Before It Kills You


Greetings and Blessings!! This is my first blog post in history, and I thank you for being apart of it. I thank you for allowing me to share pieces of my heart as God leads. I thank you for joining me on a road to perfect love, unshakable faith, and ongoing self-discovery as I chronicle my journey here. I thank you for allowing me to reveal my personal collisions with truth that have shaped my perspective and worldview. As I continue to learn, I will continue to write. The stories of truth that I reveal to you in this blog may not necessarily be in the order in which they occurred in my life – or when the Word was revealed to me. Yet and still, it is my story. I can no longer remain silent about my God and His truth. And I will share with you as God lays it on my heart.

I welcome you to The Love Chronicles of Porsche.

I titled this blog post Kill Lust Before It Kills You because it a very pressing issue that needs attention. This is a very deep topic that I am beginning my blog with, and I am doing so because there are things I am currently seeing that I am very disheartened about. You may call this a rant. And if you do, I need you to know that it is warranted. I prefer to call it righteous indignation. Either way, please stick with me on this because my heart is heavy. It is a long blog post, because I had much on my mind. The topic is lust and sex – and how it is being portrayed to believers and to the world. Are we keeping the integrity of the truth as God has intended? Let’s find out here.

Allow me to begin by saying this: I’ve made mistakes – and plenty of them – but we should never compromise the Gospel to appeal to people and call it being transparent. We must be mindful of the words that we speak under the guise of transparency. We should never sacrifice or stifle the truth for appeal. Transparency for the Gospel’s sake should be a miraculous display of God’s grace, not a stumbling block to someone else. It should point to Christ, not to sin. If your idea of transparency focuses more on your actual sin than it does God’s grace, please hold your tongue. We don’t need confused people in the faith, and we certainly don’t need the world thinking that we are condoning and coddling sin. Church, we do not coddle sin – under any circumstance.

As it relates to lust, there is one thing that I would like to make very clear: There is a difference between genuinely appreciating another person’s beauty and how God has made them, and fastening your eyes in idolatry by lusting after them.  It is completely different. God does not approve of lust. I don’t care how you try to flip it, lust is never okay. Sex before marriage is never okay. Does it happen? Yes. Can we be forgiven? Yes. But it’s still NOT okay. Children of God, please read the Bible. It is there that you will find out that our flesh profits NOTHING.

Let me provide you with biblical truth to support my view. Matthew 5:28 KJV says: “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” And if this verse wasn’t enough, the VERY next verse in verse 29 says: “And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.”

The Word says if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out, so that your entire body is not cast into hell! Is that not serious? Man or woman: Lusting is sin. When you lust, you have committed adultery. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Is this not one of the ten commandments? We must curse the root of wickedness and cast down all fleshly desires, and kill sin before it turns into death. As believers, we have a responsibility when talking about issues that are pressing in our society. We can’t talk about how we look so much like the world one minute, and the next minute tell people that it is okay and human nature to lust. Make God’s Word clear and plain to people. PLEASE.

I hear much talk right now – in 2014 – about other ministry leaders and the man-made rules they have created for their followers. Many of you have very valid points in your arguments, and I am in no way saying that I disagree with you on all points that have been expressed. I actually agree with many. However, quite honestly, I follow God above everything and everyone. And as people grow, they will become more in tune with God, and can discern when something is not right and mentally reject ideas – privately. And if a person really needs an example besides God’s word, I personally would still choose to remain holy and pure before God from someone’s uncommon testimony of purity than neglect to establish boundaries (or rules as they call it) and risk falling into sin. I’ve been down that road. And that’s backwards. So which one of the two do you think God would be more pleased with? Well, thankfully we’re not God.

LISTEN: As it relates to sex, you cannot tell someone that if they fall into sin in their relationship that it is okay – and to just repent and do better. They have committed fornication. Do you know how difficult it is to recover after you’ve fallen in a relationship? You can’t just repent and do better. Of course repentance is undoubtedly necessary, but thereafter, there is much work to do. You’ve already given the enemy an invitation to assist in the demise of your relationship. Furthermore, have you ever been in a relationship where this has worked? Where repentance alone completely redeemed and restored your relationship after you fell into sin? Sure, there may be exceptions to the rule. But, in most cases, the relationship eventually dies in some way. Last time I checked, God is not required to bless or honor mess.

If your goal is to set people free from bondage, you must speak the truth in purity and in unity. If your goal is to advise people not to follow man-made rules and follow the Bible, don’t create your own rules in the process. You do not want to be responsible for someone who is watching you as a babe in Christ, and has taken the words that you have spoken and used that as their foundation of grace as you misconstrued the Word of God. Now, they have fallen into sin and cannot figure out why because they thought they were receiving the whole truth. The goal people is to NOT fall into sin. Everyone is not on the same spiritual level, so watch what you say. When you are speaking, keep that in mind. If you cannot speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth, DON’T SPEAK. If you continue to speak in error, you will be responsible for the lives that were affected by your reckless words, and you give an account for it on judgment day.

I speak from experience. The wages of sin is death. When I fell into sin with my ex, my relationship with this man became dead at that moment. We both knew it. And this one sin created a plethora of other problems. Even when we tried to recover and do better, our efforts were in vain. The relationship had to die for things to get better. Sin is death folks – literally.  If sin is present in a relationship early on, you have to kill it – because it will only get worse. And by kill it, I mean arm yourself with the Word of God to prevent further error, redirect the behavior and replace it with pure behavior with God’s power, have an in-depth conversation with your mate and other spiritual counselors, and if that doesn’t work, you have to end the relationship or you risk being hell-bound.

You are not devaluing a person by protecting your purity and making a decision that’s best for you and your salvation. And you can still love someone – from a distance. Let God work on them, not you. By staying in a relationship after sin has created a division between you, your mate, and God – and trying to make something work that clearly won’t, you risk being destroyed in the process. That relationship almost destroyed me. I had to be completely removed. And when God removed me, sadly, I tried to go back! Do you see how the enemy works? If Jesus came back while I was in that relationship, I would have went to hell. No one is worth going to hell for. NO ONE.

Take all necessary measures to protect and preserve what is valuable to YOU. That should be your salvation above everything. And please know the Word for yourself. Listening to people out here will have you completely messed up. And in no way am I trying to make myself appear above anyone. I have been brought down low many times to remove strongholds of pride and self-righteousness – and to make sure I remain humble. God loves me that much. However, I will not see something completely wrong and remain silent about it. If you value your relationship with Christ, don’t jeopardize it. Protect it. If you value your relationship with your mate, don’t jeopardize it. Protect it. Create boundaries.

Ministry transforms your heart to become more like God’s, while knowing that you are also responsible for a life. Correction and admonition may not be joyous, but it is necessary to produce the fruit of righteousness. It is our responsibility. When I speak into the lives of women in person every week, I won’t allow one woman to walk out of that door not knowing the truth, regardless of what choice they make. It just won’t happen. Are you adding to the problem or are you apart of the solution?

There is a way to speak the truth – the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – in love, AND in a way that people can relate. We need to do a better job of finding that way and practicing it. There is also a way to love someone AND rebuke their sin. Your efforts should always point to God and not your personal agenda – or your past or present sin. Love you guys!!

Until next time, God Bless!!