You Remind Me…Of Christ


Am I allowed to say that you’re amazing? Because you are. You were made in the image of God, and there is no denying that His spirit lives within you. You breathe love and sacrifice. You embody faithfulness and humility. You master self-control with every breath you take. You crucify your flesh and walk in HIS spirit every single day. You put on the full armor of God like the finest article of clothing – and because of this, nothing contrary to God has a chance of touching you. You remind me of the epitome of true biblical leadership. You remind me of selflessness worked to perfection. You remind me of everything beautiful and complete. You remind me of the perfect mix of gentleness and strength. Everything you say and do is a reflection of Him. You remind me of Christ…and it’s no wonder, because you are the epitome of everything that an Ephesians 5 Man should be. You walk in the way of love. Your steps are ordered by God. You protect and nurture hearts. You are a leader. Your life is a ministry in and of itself. You continue to impact every life within your circle of influence. Am I allowed to say that you’re amazing? Because you are.

One day, you’ll love your wife as Christ loves the church. Yet, you understand that in order to love your wife with a fraction of His perfect and unconditional love, you must chase after Him wholeheartedly. Because this isn’t any kind of love that you’re giving. God is love. You recognize that you must receive His love in order to give the love that He desires for you to give. I have no doubt she will be one happy woman. I know that you will cherish her. I know that you are going to pour into her so much that everything she was destined to be comes to fruition and magnifies right before your eyes. I know that you are going to sanctify her with the washing of water by the Word. I know that you will present her as spotless and blameless before the Lord. I know that you are going to encourage her with your love…with your life. I know that you are going to glorify God with your union. Your presence, your words, your existence – makes me want to pursue Christ all the more. Undeniably.

You understand that real love has no limit. You understand that real love is selfless, always seeking the good of others. You understand that real love is never based on anything vain or temporal. You choose love. You choose commitment. You choose to uphold godly standards. You choose to keep your vows to God and to others. You also understand that the challenge and joy of loving as Christ loves the church doesn’t just include your wife; it includes everyone around you. Your brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as all mankind. Agape love. You’ve got that down. I can testify to it. And it blows my mind every time I think about it. You really are amazing…which is why I need to say it.

I know that you’re not perfect. You know that you’re not perfect. But we both know the One who is. Thank you for never wavering. Whenever I am in despair, you encourage me to give all of my pain and my fears to God. Whenever I am afraid, you courageously point me to my ultimate help – the only one that can truly save me – Jesus Christ. Whenever I feel weak, you strengthen me with the Word of God. Whenever I am in my feelings, you patiently listen with a pure heart, then gradually direct me to my Heavenly Father. Everything you do… everything we do – always points back to Him. This isn’t just any kind of love. It’s a Christ-like love. I honor you man of God for this. You are amazing…which is why I need to say it.

You want to see me grow into the bold, strong, courageous, fierce woman that God has called me to be. You want this for everyone who is apart of your life. That’s why you’re so amazing. And I would like to have the chance to say it. You see in me what I sometimes fail to see in myself. You stay present with me while acknowledging the bright future that lies ahead. You’ve caused me to respect leadership more and more as the days pass by. At the end of the day, I’m pursuing Christ. And if you’re genuinely chasing after Him, you’re certainly worth following. So if it’s you that’s leading me, I’ll gladly let down my guard. Man of God: You are truly something special. You’re amazing. Am I allowed to say it? Well…I believe I just did.

With Love,


I dedicate this blog post to all of the men who are true spiritual leaders; who are examples of God’s perfect love and Christ’s selflessness in their daily lives. I love, salute, and honor each of you.


The Holy Bible KJV: Ephesians 5:1-2; Ephesians 5:20-33