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Hello, loves! I’ve missed you all so much! It is Sunday evening, and I am just basking in the goodness of our Lord! He is so faithful! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted on my blog – but I’ve certainly been writing and working for the advancement of the Kingdom! God has also been doing lots of sanctifying work in and through me, and it has been an intense season of pruning and growth to which I am always grateful for! I love how our Father God divinely orchestrates every single circumstance and event in our lives to make us more like His Son Jesus – and to prepare us for our future. With that said, it’s great to be back!

Several months ago, I felt an urging from the Holy Spirit to begin a blog series paying homage to our men and spiritual leaders. Although much time has passed since the first blog post, the second installment is finally here!

This particular blog post and the contents therein have been inspired by the amazing ministry Desiring God – and an article that was written by David Mathis, one of their writers and contributors, near the end of September. The article encouraged me greatly. I pray it encourages you as well – regardless of where you are in your walk with Christ or where you are in your life as it relates to relationships and marriage.

Upon reading my personal commentary and takeaway, I encourage you to read the article as well and share it with someone you love! It doesn’t matter who it is! If you are married, I pray it is your spouse!

God is love! Mark 12:30-31!

Grace and Peace! God Bless! ❤

Personal Commentary from The Heart of Christian Husbanding by Desiring God: September 29, 2016

“Yesterday, as I was praying to my Heavenly Father about my future in marriage, one of the things I mentioned to Him was that I truly desire to continue to put Him first in all things – just as much as (if not more than) I do now – and to look to Him as my ultimate source of love, joy, peace, comfort, approval, acceptance, and affirmation. It is so easy for us as humans to be blessed with a wonderful gift, and gradually begin to enact demands or expect another imperfect human being to fill voids and meet needs that only Christ our Savior can fulfill.

Although God blesses us women and wives with husbands who have both a responsibility and a duty to love us as Christ loves the church, there are many times where they will fall short. Inevitably, they will fail us in some way. In many ways. Over and over again. They are representations of Christ, not replacements. They are imperfect beings just like we are. And two imperfect beings becoming one is truly an art – masterfully created and designed solely by the Master Creator – and what a powerful work of sanctification it is!

I fully understand this. So I prayed to the Father that I would continually look to Him, cling to Him, and reverence Him while expressing gratitude for His blessings bestowed upon me in this life. Then, as if God was answering me (in an unexpected way), I read this beautiful article from Desiring God that encouraged me after my prayer. Although a tough and oftentimes daunting task for our men, there are actually men who desire to model Christ to their wives in every way possible; who truly desire to cherish, nourish, and love their wives as Christ would. And they find joy in it. So I had to share this.

Husbands and Future Husbands: I pray this article encourages you! And Sisters, Wives, and Future Wives: I pray it encourages you as well! If you are married, read it with your spouse!

Soli Deo Gloria! ❤”

The Heart Of Christian Husbanding 

Porsche R. Armstrong

Founder, Love Is A Lifestyle

Author, Happily Ever After: Biblical Womanhood, The Pursuit of Christ…and Marriage