Love Is A Lifestyle – Thoughts from Day 5 of 2019! #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love


Hi, loves! My Day 5 (of 2019) Thoughts. Thirteen (13) days late, but better late than never! If you have yet to read My Day 3 (of 2019) Thoughts on the blog and ministry site, I encourage you to do so!

Writing has always been my strong suit. What would usually take someone else one hour or more to write, it would take me 10-15 minutes. This is not to brag on me, but to brag on God. He is the one who has given me this gift, and I have used and still intend to use it for His glory until He says otherwise. So, I have a story: Many years ago as a student at Ohio State University, I took several classes in Writing, Journalism, Communication, African-American and African Studies, Philosophy, etc in addition to courses in Finance and Accounting for my major. In the writing classes, I would always write the night before and still receive A’s on my papers. Lol. During my last year at Ohio State University, I was interested in and took a Women’s Studies course that I absolutely loved. The professor of this course was a Caucasian woman, and we connected despite the many differences between us. I passed the course with an A, and graduated from Ohio State soon after. To my surprise, after I graduated, I received a letter from the professor asking if I would be interested in becoming a Women’s Studies professor. She sent a letter to the address the school had on file (Dayton) as she did not have any other way of contacting me. I lived in Columbus. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn’t become aware of the letter until months later. As a recent graduate who didn’t expect to even be considered for an opportunity of this magnitude, I was SO honored. But, sadly, the opportunity had passed. This professor, within the course of 8 weeks, saw my talent, my gift with people, my kind spirit, my gift of writing, and my gift of teaching, and knew I would be a great fit for this opportunity. I could go on and on, but I will end with this: Always do your best in everything. Make an impact wherever you go. You never know who’s watching, and what opportunity you could receive as a result of giving it your all.

With God’s Love,


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