Love Is A Lifestyle – Thoughts from Day 7 of 2019! #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love


Greetings! It is Day 36 of 2019, and so far this year, I have been adding some of my thoughts to the blog (as the Spirit leads) to encourage you all. My Day 7 Thoughts: No amount of money, time, or resources can ever replace your dignity and your self-respect. Choose TODAY to be irreplaceable in this regard. ❤

Followers: I’m doing tons of writing this year – this hasn’t changed at all! However, I have added some new things to my ministry which has resulted in me taking a slightly different direction! I am still ministering on love amongst other things (You can view Love Is A Lifestyle’s mission here), but I am also doing alot of legal and persuasive writing as well in this new season. If you would like to assist me in this new thing I’m doing, please click on the link for more information and consider donating via Go Fund Me:

God Bless You!

With God’s Love,