Love Is A Lifestyle – Thoughts from Day 44 of 2019: Happy Valentine’s Day! #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love



Hello, beautiful people! Happy Valentine’s Day! So, my last post on the blog were my Thoughts from Day 7 of 2019. Well…I am speeding it up and giving you my Thoughts from Day 44 of 2019 (which was yesterday). We may move forward or backwards from here as there were some great thoughts we’ve had before this one! I pray this one encourages each of you on this day – in whatever season you are in as it relates to your personal and familial life, your career, and/or your ministry. God Bless! As we prepare for Valentine’s Day, there are a few things that Love Is A Lifestyle would like to say to the world (these are my Thoughts for Day 44 of 2019): If you do not know how to love, don’t get married, don’t have children, don’t serve the church, don’t write a book, don’t do anything. Lol. I will be taking a rest day (from all social media accounts) for 24 hours in honor of everyone who knows how to love and who has learned how to love from God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and other people (like myself and my ministry). I will be signing back on at 6PM EST. Make the ones you love happy today, tomorrow, and everyday. Stay committed to God and everything that is important to you. With love. God Bless. ❤

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