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(Backstory: This was supposed to be posted on Sunday, March 31, 2019! I allotted myself three hours to complete numerous tasks on my day off…well, I ran out of time, and decided that if I did not finish what I needed to finish in three hours – and while I was in my work space – that it would not get completed! Hence the reason why this blog post is being posted 1 day late. However, it did not have to be posted on March 31, 2019 for it to still be impactful, and God will do His work! I will be taking 10 days off of social media, so please feel free to view the blog posts from March that I linked below. When I return to social media, this will be my first post on Instagram as I have taken a 30-day break from Instagram – and I am excited to return. God Bless you all!)

Hi, loves! Happy Sunday! And, Happy Finale to Women’s History Month! I’ve been writing and publishing posts specifically for the month of March and for Women’s History Month – and it’s been amazing! I pray you’ve been inspired. I want to end Women’s History Month with this: 1) Pride can blind you from seeing light, from seeing perfection, from seeing all that is good. 2) Racism is still a concern in the church and worldwide, and it is more prevalent than we realize. Twenty-two days ago, I walked into a dark eye exam room and experienced the darkness of racism. I walked out a completely different person. I walked out a changed person. Twenty-two days ago, the enemy saw someone who was bright with light and life, inwardly and outwardly beautiful, with visually appealing eyes (to most), a representation of multiple races, and decided that he wanted to bring darkness to this person. To me. The enemy wanted to take away my gift of sight, my gift of writing, my gift of teaching, my gift of preaching. He anted to take away everything that I was passionate about. He wanted to take away my gift of making a difference. I had to end my ministry (temporarily) for fear that I wouldn’t be able to see, write, and focus. I wanted to continue as normal, but the sovereignty of God wanted something different. Thankfully, God picked it back up 4 days later – and He is doing a powerful work.

As I was writing my post Beauty Lies In The Eye of the Beholder, I thought about the Oscars (which aired some time ago, on February 24th), and the beauty of God’s creation. The beauty of art. The beauty of speech. The beauty of thoughts written, spoken, typed, published, and produced for the screen. The beauty of life. What stuck n my mind most was how the awards shows ended. Julia Roberts came to the podium. She was poignant. Captivating. Meek. Soft-spoken. Her eyes smiled at me – at us. Her hands (manicured with red nail paint) invited us in. Her ivory skin was a beautiful contrast to her auburn hair and the hot pink dress she decided to wear for awards night. And she (not just what she said) was the perfect ending to an awards show. It was subtle, but sexy.

And, as I end Women’s History Month with my most current views on beauty, on womanhood, on faith, on hope, on love, on mercy, and on justice, I will leave you with this:

It is unsexy to purposely damage someone’s eyes and/or make them look less appealing, less desirable. Eyes matter. They are the way we process visual detail. The way we see life.

It is unsexy to make someone else pay for your sins. Jesus has paid them already if you have accepted Him as your Lord and Savior.

It is unsexy to be emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and sexually violent towards other people. For any reason.

It is unsexy to steal someone else’s words, ideas, writing, and prop yourself up on a pedestal like you were the one who had it (words, ideas, writing) in the first place.

It is unsexy to (try to) stop someone from shining, from speaking, and from living in their truth.

It is unsexy to prevent someone from making a living, to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex (gender), religion, national origin, pregnancy, age, and/or disability.

It is unsexy to make personal, professional, and/or ministerial decisions on behalf of someone (and that directly affects them) without consulting them first.

It is unsexy to think that you must have sexual relations with people to progress, to receive a promotion, to be sexy, and/or to have a fulfilling life. You don’t.

Be sexy. Be confident. Be authentic. Be you.

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