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So earlier in the month (as I capped off Women’s History Month), I gave a pretty surprising post about beauty, womanhood, confidence, and sexiness that sparked much debate and controversy. Lol. (You can read it here.) It wasn’t funny then, but it’s kind of funny now. I frequently add humor, wit, sarcasm, and puns to my truthful and honest writing without really trying to. I actually had to log off of all of my social media accounts for a week after posting it so that I wouldn’t get shot at – and so that people could really take in ALL of what I was saying (because I said so much without really saying it). I also wrote several posts about beauty and womanhood during the month of March (and the finale on April 1st) including a post about my recent experience at the eye doctor, and I have a beauty update:

I went (involuntarily) with absolutely no makeup for 40 days (from March 9, 2019 to April 18, 2019), and I decided that I wanted to put makeup on again after the 18th. Lol. Well…the update is that my eyes and face still get irritated by even a hint of makeup, and that I (in my opinion) still look younger without it. I hope this doesn’t change.

Do Ghanaians, Asians, Indians, and Caucasians age well? I think so! Carry on.

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God Bless you all, beautiful people!

With God’s Love,


Current Music Vibes: There is one song for every person I’ve ever called sexy on social media with five bonus songs (Note: This is NOT a playlist – I decided against an 11th playlist for my movie – and I will not post this on Spotify, but you can check my other playlists which are the musical portion of my movie Poetic Justice by searching for the username osugrad2005):

Cockiness (Love It) – Rihanna (which is also the outro to my movie Poetic Justice)

Ready For It – Taylor Swift

Sorry – Beyonce

Ball For Me – Post Malone featuring Nicki Minaj

Hussle and Motivate – Nipsey Hussle

Middle Child – J. Cole

Please Me – Cardi B featuring Bruno Mars

One Kiss – Calvin Harris with Dua Lipa

Drip Too Hard – Lil Baby and Gunna

When We – Tank

That’s What Love Can Do – Robin Thicke

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever – Maxwell