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Some decisions are irreversible.

In my earlier years, I always lived on impulse. It was fun, it was invigorating, it was all I wanted, but then, it got old after a while. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that it is always wise to think things through before making a decision – large or small. Pray about it, think it through, then act.

-Porsche R. Armstrong

I completed my book and my movie Poetic Justice through social media. Considering all that I endured from December 2016 to April 1, 2019, this is a huge accomplishment! I was writing and creating it as I was going through it all – which was tough, and is honestly more difficult than having a clear mind and clear space – and writing a script for the big screen. There was a surprise ending – and I hope you caught it. You had to have been watching on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and my ministry site to catch it all. And, you had to have been listening to my ten (10) playlists on Spotify that I created along with the movie. The complete movie was available for viewing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from April 1, 2019 to April 8, 2019. It was available for additional viewing from April 8, 2019 to April 11, 2019 on Facebook.  If you are friends and/or followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the writing and movie is still currently available to you, and if you are not, a portion of it is available on Pinterest, on my business page on Facebook (Love Is A Lifestyle), and on this site. The ten (10) playlists are no longer available for public listening on Spotify as of October 22, 2019. A new movie and story began on April 8, 2019.

Poetic Justice began as a book idea in April of 2017, and it turned into a movie idea in August of 2017 (I still have the script that I began writing in August of 2017). I have several people to thank for helping me along this journey. I will try my best to be kind (and say the right things) to everyone that I write to and mention in this post. Please excuse my realness, my sarcasm, my wit, and my puns. I can’t help it. Lol. It’s who I am.

Trey Songz: Thank you for giving me the intro to the musical cinema for Poetic Justice. The first song. Cake is a favorite of mine forever.

Rihanna: Thank you for the outro. It was perfect!

Thank you to Gabrielle Union-Wade and Jackie Hill Perry (my fake partner, my fake baby mama, and my fake best friend (or not), lol) for the brilliant idea to make music with the movie. Jackie: Thank you for the four years. You helped me get through much, and I am forever thankful.

Preston Perry, Eden Grace Perry, and Autumn Joy Perry: Thank you for allowing me to expend your wife and mother for the benefit of the Lord. She blocked me on Instagram at the end of January, and I still don’t know how to feel about it, so you can have her back now, I guess. Lol.

Joseph Solomon (my baby daddy by accident): Thank you for being a faithful ministry partner for 7 long years. And thank you for loving me enough to put ecstasy in my food the night you came to see me, and making me talk to you and your friend for hours so that you could have a wild and unforgettable night (a night that I would not recall until the Holy Spirit brought it to my attention – at the right time). Thank you for the babies that I carried for 9 weeks, and the babies that I lost mostly due to depression. I miss them so much, and I can’t wait to see them in Heaven.

Holy Spirit: Thank you for the immaculate conception; for being a comforter, a teacher, a provider, and a refuge.

To the man who married me in December of 2016: Thank you for seeing what most can’t see in me, and for adoring me enough to marry me – quickly. I will never forget you.

The Carters: Thank you for being a power couple. Beyonce: Thank you for being unapologetically you, and making great music that has lasted a long time. You have an alter ego, and so do I!

Michael B. Jordan: Thank you for being the lead actor in a movie that never made it to the big screen (at least not yet). And thank you for your selflessness. I am truly grateful.

Ryan Coogler: Thank you for being a black man with a dream. I’m inspired by you.

Cassius Corrigan: Thank you for being an inspiration. You were the person I planned to contact to begin production of my movie, and I know you would have done it justice, because I saw your work. And, my movie would have been (and still could be) better than the one you recently completed! Lol!

Quincy Taylor Brown (my future baby daddy – Lord willing, lol): Thank you for helping me and pulling me through the last two months of this movie! Gosh! It was so difficult, but I finally completed it – thank you!

Nipsey Hussle: You are an angel. Thank you for loving people, and for using your gifts to inspire. Your legacy lives on.

John Piper and Desiring God: What would I do without your teaching and your ministry?!!! I’ve learned so much, and have gained so much wisdom that I have used to form my own style of ministry, and I know it has saved millions. Soli Deo Gloria!

Francis Chan: Crazy Love helped me in SO many ways as it relates to my ministry and calling. Eternally grateful.

Tim Keller and Paul David Tripp: Thank you for the straight truth and no chaser, reformed, grace-filled preaching that the world desperately needs!

Steve Lawson, Craig Groeschel, Kevin DeYoung, and Burk Parsons: Thank you.

Matt Chandler and Jared C. Wilson: Thank you.

Kia Moore: Thank you, woman of God!

Bob Goff: Your story, your book Love Does, and your passion for true ministry moves me. I’m grateful to be connected to you!

Julee Wilson: My entire life is a movie, but thank you for giving me the extra push at a time when I didn’t think I could finish this particular story! You are a blessed one!

Matthew Richardson: Thank you for laboring with me in the faith as it relates to race relations and social justice. I appreciate you, and I am excited about what God may do through you next!

John Singleton: Thank you for making a movie by the same name in 1993. I wanted to make one with the same name with a modern twist. Depression still haunts me, and your movie still soothes. Thank you to the cast of the 1993 movie: Janet Jackson, Regina King, Tupac Shakur, Joe Torry, and Maya Angelou! Although mine is very complex, hopefully, one day, this story will make it to the big screen!

Steven Spielberg: Thank you for being one of the best filmmakers ever.

Peter Farrelly: Thank you for making an amazing film in Green Book, and thank you for your acceptance speech at the 2019 Oscars.

To my siblings and my immediate family: Thank you for putting with me for many, many years! I’m alot to handle, and besides the love of God and Jesus Christ, your love is the greatest love I’ve ever known thus far!

OSU: Thanks for transforming me from a young girl to a woman. I felt like a mom at a young age (I practically raised my siblings), but I learned so much about life and culture just by being a student (and graduate for many years) at one of the biggest colleges in the country.

Laura Carr: I learned alot about law just by being around like-minded people during my first job (ever) at the OSU Moritz College of Law during my second year at OSU. You are a gem, and I thank God for you!

Urban Meyer: Thank for being the baddest college coach I’ve ever known! Buckeye Nation forever!

Tiffany Bivins, Shayla Eggleton, and Nia Wa-Tenza: Hey, ladies! From Meadowdale to OSU! Thank you for inspiring my crazy, sexy, cool self when I was in college! It meant and still means so much to me! And Shayla, thank you for (unknowingly) helping me with my 8th playlist! Lol! That one was for my baby daddy, and it would have been a difficult one to create had I not seen you at Chipotle earlier that day! 😉

To My Suitemates Freshman Year at OSU (Nicole, Sakia, Stephanie, LaToya, Jerri, and Natalie): You all made my freshman year so much fun. I adore each of you!

To Eddie from Macon, Georgia: Hi, dear! I’m still drowning off of those waves! Ha!

To The Director and Associate Director of Admissions at Capital Law School: I know I passed the Practice LSAT (I didn’t actually look at my scores, but you all contacted me multiple times), and I know you were ready to accept me as a law student. Lol. Life got in the way for a bit, but I am still looking forward to reaching this goal of mine. Lord willing, and in due time!

To CPD and BPD (I will not list specific names): Forget a false arrest! Police brutality, social injustice, and inhumanity will not be tolerated! I hope that all of the events that transpired, and my faith, fierceness, boldness, and courage changed your hearts – even if just a bit.

Starbucks (Bexley), Meijer (Reynoldsburg), Bexley residents: Thank you!

To those I shared a space with at Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare for three months (due to being raped and assaulted): This time was tough, but I am stronger because of it. The ladies didn’t like me (typical), but hello to all of the males who kept their heads up and inspired me!

To all of the ladies I met at FCCC (during my multiple but short detainments): I’m a bad bitch offline and online. Lol. I hope I changed your lives and hearts!

To every single artist that made it to 1 (or more) of the ten playlists that I created for Poetic Justice: Thank you!!!! Thank you for using your writing, your talent!

Julia Roberts: Thank you for giving me the visual and the material to cap off the movie! It was amazing, and quite possibly the best thing I ever wrote!

Alicia Keys: Thank you for being a woman of class. I enjoyed you at the Grammy Awards, and you helped me more than you know!

To All Writers, Creatives, Artists, Poets, and Storytellers – and to all of the celebrities I worked with since 2017, and more specifically since January of 2019: Thank you for helping me share my story and God’s truth; thank you for telling your story and for sharing your gifts that continue to inspire others. We are all better because of it.

To all of the women and men who have ever been raped, assaulted, tortured, exploited, dehumanized, and/or criminalized: Never give up! Keep going amidst all of the obstacles, and make a difference in spite of your trials! Your story matters, and if you can change one person’s life, you have done an excellent work!

Jesus is THE game changer.

To all of my haters: Bye!

Again, I’m running out of time, so if I’ve missed anyone, charge it to my head and not my heart. Maybe one day, you’ll see this movie on the big screen! Until then, keep watching God work!

With God’s Love,


Note: It was Wednesday in 2019 I wrote this post, but I wrote it a day early! It was also Wednesday when I wrote that my new book was coming in 2017. God is good!

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