Strange Fruit, Strange Fire, and Corrupt Worship: The Charismatic Movement – Leviticus 10; Revelation 20:10


This is a post I’ve been working on for a while. I just completed my book and movie, so I figured I’d pull an old hat out of the bag. I never finished this post, but I think it’s meaty enough. Added new truth to it near the end. I’ve come across alot in ministry, and I’ve learned to discern, see, and hear the voice of God to detect the enemy’s tactics. Taken from Leviticus 10. I pray you are enlightened!

Greetings men and women of God, brothers and sisters in Christ! This topic is one that I had planned to write about for a while now. God placed it on my heart a couple of months ago to write a blog post about the charismatic movement, its prevalence within our current church culture, and its devastating and traumatizing effects that have affected our pursuit of spreading the pure Gospel to all of the nations. The previous two blog posts that I wrote led up to this one in content – as they focused on the importance of sound teaching, reading and studying God’s Word, obeying His commands and being honest in our walk with Christ, becoming well-versed in His truth, and allowing the Holy Spirit to enlighten us and be our guide in discerning the difference between His truth and counterfeit versions of the truth. There are so many (false) celebrity preachers and teachers who are using extreme emotionalism to appeal to the carnal mind, and are twisting the scriptures to lure people away from the One true God and His truth. Many of them are “celebrity preachers” who are in the limelight and are quickly reaching the masses with their heresies and self-made doctrine. The false teachers and preachers are receiving more love than the preachers who stick to the truth and purity of God’s Word, and this is a travesty. What are we doing to the church? Why are people more concerned with blessings than they are concerned with gaining Christ and eternal life – who is the true reward?

The pure Gospel is so vital in our mission to bring people to Christ and secure true conversions for God’s Kingdom. However, as stated, the current presence and popularity of the charismatic movement and some of its sub-movements – the prosperity gospel, word of faith, law of attraction, etc. – have sought to taint and distort the pure Gospel of Christ to suit fleshly desires and the selfish agendas of others, and to pay for the lavish lifestyles of those who are supposed to shepherd flocks. Some of these sermons may sound like: God wants to bless you with financial prosperity in abundance; You can have your best life now; Name it, claim it, and you shall receive it; This is your time to receive a breakthrough; Speak things into existence; You control your destiny and your future; We have the same power as God, because we are little gods…use your power; We are made in His image, so since we are made in His image, we are just like Him…I can go on and on with troubling examples in our current culture. And the carnal and unregenerate minds of this world eat it up – because what they are seeking is not God, but blessings. What is happening to our shepherds?

In all actuality, they are not shepherds or sheep for that matter: most of them know exactly what they are doing, and are simply caught up in the things of this world and deceiving thousands – even millions. They are wolves using God’s Word to push their own agendas. And, although many that follow them want exactly what they want, there are some who are blinded by the deception. This is why I write this blog post.  There are some people caught up in this movement who simply have no clue what is going on, because the charismatic preachers have perfected the art of deception: preaching aspects of truth, but mixing it with the same amount of heresy to disguise their fallacies. I am sure there are remnants of true believers who are simply stuck in the movement not knowing or recognizing the heresy in it all. It is truly saddening. And I was one of those people. But by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit living inside of me, it didn’t last long. I recognized the deception through Him, and that experience lasted just long enough for Him to receive the glory – one of them being this blog post and my constant and persistent push of His pure Gospel. Now, I will call out heresy in a minute, because I know what it feels like to be deceived and to be used unknowingly as a pawn to advance other people’s corruption. It’s painful. Heartbreaking. We must reach those who are not yet privy to what is happening and inform them of this devastating trauma before it is too late.

God is not pleased with this, and His uproar and outrage of this corruption is expressed and can be read in both the Old and New Testament. His Word is perfect. In the Old Testament, and in the first few books of the Bible, the people of God offered sacrifices, burnt offering, and pure worship to the Father to symbolize their devotion to Him and their commitment to living a holy and righteous lifestyle. He affirmed their worship by sending fire down from Heaven to show them that He is good. However, in Leviticus 10:2, we see something different happen; so alarming that it was sort of like a clear warning for those who offer up impure worship: Nadib and Abihu died on the spot.  Furthermore, He continues to remind us of the event several times thereafter. Let’s take a closer look at the Word (please read the rest of the scripture passage).

I mentioned earlier this year that most of what I share and post (write, teach, and preach) is prophetic. The other 10% is for laughs, lol. I posted this on Day 11 of 2019. Prophets know things beforehand, but can’t prevent them from happening – because it is in God’s will. I also want to point out that there are prophets who have the gift, but use it for evil purposes, and/or err from the scripture or teach that the Bible contradicts itself. They are called FALSE prophets. They already have their reward.

As a true prophet, God may very well put you right in the thick of the fire, and in the midst of imminent danger, but still make sure you come out alive. It requires a risky kind of faith to be the kind of prophet that follows Jesus no matter the cost. If you are a prophet, please stay TRUE. Offer up TRUE worship.

God’s Word clearly gives an account of how He feels about corrupt worship (if we can even call it that), and we need to take heed. Take note of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Take note of false preachers, teachers, and prophets. Take note so that the devil cannot deceive you and throw you into the lake of fire with the beast and the false prophet – without a Christian in sight who can help you.

God Bless You.

With God’s Love,