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This is a great memory from May 6, 2017. Most of it is still true for me personally, but check out my new poem (I AM Not) Black Jesus!

Hey, loves! I have a story for you all! So I tend to frequently step out of the house looking a hot mess (like the HOTTEST of hot messes, lol). Seriously. I really don’t care how I am perceived most of the time because I have so much else going on in my heart, my mind, and my life (and plus, I’ve gone through much lately. Yet, I still carry my confidence everywhere I go.) But yesterday I met Micah at Verizon, and he encouraged me SO much. He made me step my game up! Lol. He was young, talented, wise, FINE (I hope this is appropriate), well-dressed, clean-cut, and he was training a new employee while I was in the store. His drive was contagious. He actually taught ME a thing or two! So I stepped my game up by twisting my hair up last night after showering, buying some new clothes and shoes this morning, and putting on a little bit of makeup!

Micah, what’s up?!!! Lol. Keep it up, young brother! You have a gift, and I know God is going to do great things through you!

If ANY of you are in the Bexley area, stop by Verizon and ask for Micah! If he is not there, turn around and come another day! Lol. (Nothing against the other salespersons in the store – they were great, and I loved them too!) But this is a #BlackBrother shout out! And tell him I sent you!

Folks, please don’t get it twisted. I will NEVER divorce myself from loving, supporting, affirming, and encouraging my BLACK brothers. I just demand respect. And they do too.

This is a team effort. You lift us, and we lift you. This is how it works.

Cheers to still being in love with caramel, chocolate, BROWN skin (Hey India Arie!)

To ALL of my Black Brothers: I love you. We love you. We REALLY do.


A Beautiful, Assured, Strong, Confident Black Woman

Bomb threat. Classy Gangster. I always carry a weapon (Ephesians 6:10-20). I finished a Martin Scorsese-esque movie on April 1st, and I think I’m hot ish 😉