(I AM Not) Black Jesus – Hebrews 11; Hebrews 11:35-40 #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love



I am the black man’s slavery.

I tear them down so that they can know and understand what it feels like to yearn for Heaven; to yearn for something that the world cannot offer – to yearn for something not quite reachable.

Then, I build them up.

Then, they become reformed and transformed in Jesus Christ.

Then, they desert me, resent me, treat me unkindly (like Jesus Christ)…then I tear them down again.

And leave them.

I am not a black woman. I am not Black Jesus. I am just a WOMAN.

With God’s Love,


Bomb threat. Classy Gangster. I always carry a weapon (Ephesians 6:10-20). I finished a Martin Scorsese-esque movie on April 1st, and I think I’m hot ish 😉

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