Worth The Wait: Raising Queens #MothersDayPost #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love

Throwback from January 29, 2019 (on a Wednesday, lol). I’ve been thinking alot about my future daughter(s), and how much of an honor it would be to share my wisdom and experiences with future queens who would impact the world for God’s glory.
This is an early Mother’s Day post as well. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful Mothers out there (single and married), and Happy Warrior Wednesday! Blessings and love!
So…recently, I’ve come to the realization that marriage isn’t for me. Actually, I’ve known this for a while, but it has recently been confirmed. Yes, I have been called to create marriages, save marriages, fight for marriages, & work for marriages (amongst other things), and God qualifies the called, but the idea of marriage just doesn’t fit me. As a strong, confident, bold, courageous woman who is often slighted for the very things that make me who I am, I have decided that living a life of singleness is best for me. People have taken from me over and over again and have not given in return. People have worked in their own self-interests, and then left me to rebuild on my own. I respect myself enough to keep what I have so that I can continue to be strong, confident, bold, and courageous for others – and hopefully (and prayerfully) for the daughter that I will adopt in the future. I will tell my daughter that she is beautiful. I will tell my daughter that she is unique. I will tell my daughter that her gifts and her talents matter. I will take her on mother and daughter dates. I will do fun and girly things with her, but I will also teach her about what it means to be a fearless biblical woman. I will tell her that she is worth the wait. I will tell her that she can buy her own ring and put it on her ring finger. I will tell her that she can accomplish much on her own. I will tell her that she deserves to be respected – and to let someone know when they have crossed the line. I will tell her that her mother was raised by a strong father who was able to raise an extraordinary woman like me – and who has carried my weight and burdens for most of my life. I will tell her about women who have succeeded against all odds; women who have broken glass ceilings; women who have created a new meaning for the word ‘history’ and ‘black history.’ My earthly father and (most of all) my Heavenly Father have prepared me for this new season. And so with hope and a WHOLE LOT of faith, I surrender my life to the Lord. I open my arms wide for the future that awaits me. And if God decides along this new journey to send me a husband, he will have to accept both my DAUGHTER and ME.