Love Is A Lifestyle – Ministry Updates! #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love



Love Is A Lifestyle as a social media ministry has ended as of May 18, 2019. As of today, there will be no live posts, tweets, reactions, or comments after May 18, 2019. We have accomplished much. Seven (7) years on Twitter, five (5) years on Facebook, less than two (2) years on Instagram, and a ton of work offline. If you have learned from the ministry, we thank you. We hope that we have equipped you to finish what we have started.

If you need to reach Porsche R. Armstrong, the founder of Love Is A Lifestyle, for any ministry or business inquiries, please contact her at 614-285-6294 and leave a voicemail. She will return your call if and when she is able. You can also email her at This is the only way that she would like to maintain contact with the public at this time.

The ministry site has been renewed for another year, and the founder will continue to keep it active as time allows. You can check for deets here.

This message (from social media) will eventually be moved from public to private.

Blessings and love!

Love Is A Lifestyle