Abundant Life in Jesus Christ: Love Is A Lifestyle’s Transition from a 7-Year Faithful and Fruitful Ministry to a Business (Part 2) – Genesis 1:28 #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love


And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” -God to Adam, Eve, and humanity, Genesis 1:28 ESV

(Hey, loves! I hope that you’ve read Part 1 of this series – there are only two parts. If you have yet to read it, you can read it here!)

It’s painstakingly obvious that God works miracles. He has worked them in my life, and He has worked them in the lives of others. Time and time again. One of God’s miracles is His ability to create life. My ministry Love Is A Lifestyle is something He created in 2013, and through it, He has created alot of life, love, and fruitfulness! Love Is A Lifestyle has always been near and dear to my heart. I think about the work that God has done in and through me over the years, and I always get emotional. God is simply amazing.

And, in 2019 and beyond, God is doing a new thing, and it involves me transitioning from a ministry into a business. God desires for me to impact the world in a different way, and of course, I am game! One of them is me being a new mother. It’s scary. If I can be honest, it still catches me off-guard. I’m 36, and I’ve always assisted others (people and organizations) with teaching, reaching, and building strong families. So, I guess you could say I’ve had a lot of practice and first-hand experience, but still…the question lies: Am I ready to take on the position of being a mom and building a strong family after providing everyone else with the wisdom needed to do so? And, can I do so while still following my true joy and my passion? Which is to write, teach, preach, and encourage the masses as well as pursue law, pursue more theology, pursue more of Jesus, etc?

If you’ve followed me and my story for some time, you are aware that I used to work at two pregnancy resource centers – one in Dayton, Ohio and one in Columbus, Ohio. At one of them, I gained tons of counseling and coaching experience. In the other role, my responsibilities consisted of comprehensive record-keeping, general ledger reports, mass mailings, administrative tasks, fundraising events, relationship-building with individual donors and church organizations, speaking engagements…the list continues in my head…AND managing all of the ministry’s social media pages. However, when we were short-staffed, I also assisted the Dayton resource center with coaching and counseling, and there was one instance in particular that changed my heart forever.

A man and woman of Asian descent walked into the Dayton pregnancy resource center in late 2015. God had already prepared me for the wonderful opportunity to minister to them about the precious gift of life. They were both students at Wright State University, and they had big dreams. They were nervous about being parents. They were worried about what people would think. The Asian woman did not speak English (or she spoke very little English), but her boyfriend spoke English. I spoke to him during the entire counseling session, and he translated for her. I was very attentive to their concerns, their needs, their questions, and I went through our entire counseling process with them. The woman took a pregnancy test, and they discovered that they were in fact pregnant. The next step was encouraging them, and not coercing them, but persuading them to consider life instead of death for the human growing inside this woman’s body. God was successful. He (using me as His vessel) was able to save this precious life and save generations. Who knew that I would be in a similar situation more than three years later?

What I discovered on that day more than three years ago: Preparation means everything. Kindness, warmth, knowledge with wisdom, and provision means more. And the Gospel means the most. This couple went home with a Bible, as well as access to tons of resources for new moms and families. Whether they decided to utilize the resources offered to them, they had been saved and were now children of God, and they had also saved their new baby’s life. Priceless.

As you know, I am part Asian (also Ghanaian, Indian, and Caucasian), and if you don’t know much about the Asian culture, we are traditional, yet very loving – which often puts in positions that are often unexpected. I never passed judgment on this couple’s situation. I helped them look into the future – what they and their new family would become, and the plans that God had for both the two of them and their child.

I’ll end with this:

Be fruitful. Create. Procreate. It’s God’s gift to you, and to the world.

Multiply. The fruits of your labor must expand, grow, and build new things and ideas to fulfill the Great Commission.

Fill the earth. The earth, the world must be able to benefit from your gifts, your love, your expertise in such a way that those that receive them are fruitful as well.

Subdue it (the earth and kingdoms). Conquer the world. With faith. Hebrews 11:33.

Have dominion. Take your rightful place as kings and queens, as royalty, and make your unique impact. Make all that you do matter.

I taught this couple how to do all of the above, and to live an abundant life – even in the unexpected. And I pray that when the unexpected happens to you, you will make the best decision for God’s kingdom, for yourself, and for all parties involved.

In other news, I’m thinking about baby names, and I am still praying that pregnancy this time around works out beautifully. I’m praying that there are no complications, and that my (and our) children arrive to this world happy, healthy, and full of vigor.

With that said: Porsche R. Armstrong, Love Is A Lifestyle, Destination Excellence, Happily Ever After, Life After Death, Premier Publishing, Love Chronicles, Love Chronicles of Porsche, Poetic JusticeJolie Kardashian Brown, Savannah Atira Brown, and Quincy Taylor Brown, Jr. (these were the top three baby names) have all merged into one! These names as well as the above-mentioned businesses and their work and intellectual property will be patented, and we are excited about continuing to do great work for the Kingdom!

Porsche R. Armstrong has been writing from a legal standpoint for many years, and is currently representing herself in several legal cases that (thus far) have reached the state level, and she is asking for prayers as she carries out God’s will and calling for her life as it relates to law! (Most pressing case reached the federal level as of 6/14/19. Praying for an out of court settlement for obvious reasons!)

Porsche R. Armstrong is also expanding her business, and is offering her skills and expertise in the areas of: law (research and analytics), contract writing, consulting; songwriting, grant writing, business financial writing and strategy, creative writing (no ghostwriting), editing, book writing strategy; accounting, book-keeping, record-keeping; teaching, tutoring, coaching, educational and professional consulting. If you are interested in any of the above, please access the following link and submit a request with a deposit of $200. You can also still donate solely to her law pursuits (please indicate this through your request). All business and legal inquiries can also be sent to porsche.armstrong9@gmail.com prior to submitting a deposit.

The clan and I just returned from grocery shopping. Lol.

We thank you! Blessings and love!

Porsche and Love Is A Lifestyle

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