Happily Ever After – My Glorious Rewrite! #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love


In late 2018, I talked about John Piper and how influential he and his ministry Desiring God has been to me. One of the best books I’ve ever read on marriage (and in general) was written by John Piper, and is entitled: “This Momentary Marriage.” The reason this book is one of the best books I have ever read is because it not only calls your bluff if your desire for marriage is superficial, but it also encourages spiritual growth whether you are single or married. Changed my life. This book is not one of the best books I’ve ever read because it is ABOUT marriage, but because it is about Christ and His glory in every stage of your life. I actually contemplated (for a while) whether I wanted to be married or not after reading this book. Go figure. Lol. It’s THAT good, and it will squash all of your fairy tale views about an earthly marriage. It will convict you and pierce you and challenge you, then say: “So do you really think you’re cut out for marriage? Take some time to think about that.” If you desire to be married and/or if you desire to see how marriage fits into the glory of Christ and the part we all play, read this book. For the record, I don’t recommend books that will not impact your life in a profound way!

I actually did decide at some point after reading the book that I still desire to be married – because I know it would sanctify me in ways that singleness cannot. Now, my sole motivation for wanting to be married is to display the beauty and glory of Christ. Of course, I would be enamored with my husband! But Christ is the main thing. He is everything. And we would both definitely agree on that. For sure.

John Piper also wrote ANOTHER book about marriage (book cover pictured here) with the same name as MINE in 2017 – Happily Ever After! He is a God-send. He (and many others in the faith) prophetically rewrote my book with the same name (my ministry was powerful enough for me to make some messes along the way), and I am forever grateful. It is a great read! I wrote my book in three months, and I think I did a darn good job with it, lol. However, Amazon and CreateSpace is on my long list of lawsuit cases I am pursuing, and John Piper and Desiring God took care of this for the church community and for my purpose and calling before I knew I would need their help. This book (and the other book mentioned) is a FREE ebook and is available on desiringgod.org. I encourage you all to read it! Read BOTH of these books! ❤


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