Special Blog Update: It’s MY Birthday! Race, Law, and Social Justice Updates! #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love



What do you have without racism? Are you still (Christ) strong? Do you still like yourself?

-Toni Morrison

Is the first question really a question? I added the Christ by the way.

Answer to the first (second) question: Yes.

Answer to the second (third) question:

No. I LOVE myself.

-Porsche R. Armstrong, Founder of loveisalifestyle.org

Today is my birthday, loves! I’m thirty-seven years young.

On July 7, 2019 (on Facebook), I planned to take a (total) break from writing publicly – and on the blog until 2020. Then, I was able to see (once again) all of the wonderful things God is doing and has done through my work thus far. I’m humbled. I’ve been writing much offline, and I’ve decided to post a few updates for those who are needing encouragement. We lost a beloved writer this week – Toni Morrison. God rest her soul.

It’s been twenty-one days since I’ve signed into my social media accounts and my blog site. They say it takes twenty-one days to form something into a habit. I’m on the fence about that, lol. However, here’s what I’ve been doing off camera since the last time I’ve posted publicly and privately:

1) I prayed. I wrote, read the scripture, and spent time in the presence of Jesus. And I am still doing so.

2) I wrote to, spoke to, and interacted with law enforcement, public employees and officials, and everyday people as it relates to race, law, and social justice. (I’m not a man, but) I know the plight of black men, black women, and people of color and the injustice that they face in this world. I talk to people one-on-one to invoke change.

3) I put my car on pause and decided to burn off some calories and shed some dead weight (by walking) after winning my first case as an honorary lawyer without an official degree. It was a traffic violation case. I get things right the first time.

4) I watched intriguing things on television, and wrote down my thoughts about it. I watched OWN’s documentary with Ava Duvernay and the Central Park 5 that aired on (if I remember correctly) on June 12, 2019. I also watched 20/20’s documentary of the Central Park 5 that aired on May 24, 2019.  I put on my lawyer hat while watching both, and came to these thoughts and conclusions:

a) Doing it right the first time would have saved everyone involved ALOT of time, effort, stress, etc. Everyone involved should have come together on the case and the facts. What happened (negatively) affected thousands of families.

b) I wish black people knew the law more than they do. However, I guess we shouldn’t expect them to fully know the law. I know the law, but I was blessed with that knowledge, and I worked to obtain more of it. This is why lawyers are employed.

c) I strongly believe that one of the Central Park 5 committed the actual crime of rape and assault, and the rest just spent time as a result. I can study character, facial expressions, and nonverbal cues. For the record, I don’t believe in snitching, but I also don’t recommend doing time for a friend. It’s not worth it.

Scripturally, bad company corrupts good character (1 Corinthians 15:33), and if the four or five did not commit the crime, they were all accomplices. They were at the park during or around the time that the crime was committed.

d) I agree with the NY Detectives and the Criminal Justice Professor interviewed on the 20/20 Documentary: No one in their right mind would confess to a crime that they did not commit. As African-Americans, we must learn not to subject ourselves to mind control. Free your mind. Renew your mind. Don’t admit guilt or take a plea if you did not commit the crime. Enter not guilty. Do not talk to the police or move forward with a case without a lawyer – even if it is a public defender. Do not agree to a video confession without a lawyer.

e) After years and years, the Central Park 5 received a $41 million settlement, but they spent 13 years in prison for it, and agonized over this for over a decade after the fact. No amount of money is worth your time, your dignity, or your life.

I have more thoughts and conclusions, but I will leave it at these five (a-e).

5) I am still focusing on current law cases. As mentioned on July 7, 2019, most of these cases take one to three years for completion. Very stressful cases, so I wanted to devote more time to this duty.

6) I recently learned from a doctor that I am NOT pregnant (in the natural), but it sure felt like it! Lol. My face, my skin, and my body has changed in the last several months (if you’ve been reading with me on the blog, you know)!  My eyes, skin, and face went through some turmoil in the past several months, and caused acne, freckles, and a mole that turned cancerous, but was removed quickly. My face and my body swelled up significantly, but eating healthy, resting, and taking care of myself relieved alot of body and belly fat that helped my medical condition tremendously.

The proactive measures I took (after my eye exam): Eating healthy (Turkey Bacon, Red Grapes, and Cottage Cheese in the morning; Grilled Chicken and Tea with Turmeric and Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the evening. Olive oil is a great detox from bad eating habits, and has other great health benefits.) This was my diet for a while. I’m back to eating semi-healthy, and eating Gummi Bears and Cheetos every now and then. Lol.

I used all natural and paraben-free products on my face and skin, I am currently still using the same products mentioned in previous posts, and I am still wearing a bare face (sometimes with toothpaste for the acne, lol). I still have acne breakouts (the doctor recently prescribed some acne medication that really isn’t working much. Lol. It just makes me nauseous.) I have added a new body and skin cream that contains coconut oil, hemp oil, and shea butter. I love it!

I have a scar below my right eye (one of my freckles that turned into a mole), and I now need reactive measures to ensure that the cancer stays away!

7) I began watching the Democratic Presidential Debate that aired on July 31, 2019 yesterday, and I was enthused with what I heard and felt from the candidates (overall). They talked alot about race, class, the plight and disenfranchisement of the poor and the oppressed, disunity, etc. I’ll watch the rest this evening.

Will my dreams of being a multi-racial prosecuting attorney come to fruition? Next on Love Chronicles. Stay tuned! Lol.

8) Bonus: Here’s something I wrote about race, class, and status on December 16, 2018:

Something magical God put in my spirit last night. Affluence is not based on how you look, where you live, how much money you have, or what you do for a living. There are so many men and women in this world who are well off mentally, spiritually, and even financially, yet choose to dress in sweatpants and hoodies instead of a suit and tie. Men and women who choose to live in an urban neighborhood versus moving to the suburbs. Intellect is not defined by our exterior. Take my earthly father for instance. My father finally has what many would call an affluent career, yet chooses to stay in the neighborhood where he grew up. He has five cars, but he doesn’t need them. He is one of the smartest men I know – white or black. He likes to wear suits, blazers, bow ties (trust me, you would be AMAZED at his closet), but he also likes to wear sweatsuits and Nike’s. Moral of the story is this (summed up in one sentence): Stop judging people based on luxury and outward appearances.

Current Teacher Collection and Recommendation. I recommended this book on July 16, 2019. Have you read it yet?!  

Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. A great book for young readers on law, race, and social justice.

Blessings and love!

Porsche and Love Is A Lifestyle (August 6, 2019 at 12:30pm, August 16, 2019, and August 24, 2019 at 3:06pm)

P.S. Shout out to all comedians and progressives who get my jokes, lol. Shout out to all of the people who understand my seriousness as well. Ya’ll are the real MVP’s. 😁

And yes, all of the business names mentioned on May 31, 2019 in my business update will still be patented.

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