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Thank you, dear friend (you know who you are), for my Zondervan NIV Bible that you gave me on January 20, 2018 from Cedarville University. I read and cross-reference with this Bible very often these days!

Now, to my question of the day: Is it wrong to be an independent woman? To be career oriented, to have laser focus, to have clear vision for the future and for what God has called us as women to? For years, I thought it was a bad thing. However, recent scripture reading and meditation (specifically 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 NIV) causes me to reflect and consider otherwise.

In traditional households and in many Christian circles, women are expected to be dependent on their family until they are married. I have always rejected this idea. However, the scripture never contradicts itself, so read on!

Here is an older post written that actually tells a different story. Needless to say, my views have changed alot.

P.S. My previous post and those before this explains why I kept working and writing while the enemy was waging war on my soul. I’m never sleep. But I can be. 😴

With God’s Love,

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