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Hey, beautiful people! Happy Friday! Random Question as a Foodie: Do you feel as if restaurant customers should tip for take-out? If so, how much is appropriate? When I dine in, I usually tip between 10-20%. Ten is minimum if they are not good or great at serving. For take-out, my recent experience with the food preparation has not been great. It’s almost like they expect you to sit down. 😞

And in the past two occasions, I have not tipped for take-out for this very reason. I won’t mention the restaurant, but I used to dine in here when I was in Columbus, and never ordered take-out. The food was great. It’s interesting.

I’m a stickler for great customer service, and I know how hard servers work and the type of customers they have to deal with on a regular basis – which is why I tip regardless. But if I’m ordering take-out, what am I tipping for if the food is going to be prepared poorly?

Miss me with that.

Everything is business.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. I’m on my way to go get a Free Aveeno Face Mask from CVS Pharmacy. That’s another customer service and etiquette story (mostly good), but I love freebies!


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