The Sad Act of Betrayal – Galatians 3:13, Matthew 27:1-5 #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love


Two Business Updates from us on this lovely Saturday afternoon!

Unfortunately, showing remorse and being repentant are two completely different things. I feel sorry for the ones – the Judases – who do not know the difference.

Business and Faith, 101.

Porsche and Love Is A Lifestyle (September 28, 2019 at 12:05pm)

Hanging yourself to save your face does not help anyone, and does not help your situation. You are still just as sinful as when you committed the act of betrayal. Hi, to the Epsteins.

Business and Faith, 101.

Porsche and Love Is A Lifestyle (September 28, 2019 at 12:07pm)

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P.S. Currently listening. Kierra Sheard, Graceland. Deluxe Album. Another (already) add.

Business Update as of 2:34pm:

Welp! Looks like someone is trying to block my Instagram account! Persecution is real when you’re bold and on fire for CHRIST!

Did you read this post? Hell is hot! And I ain’t going!

Good riddance! We got this!

Theology Update (October 15, 2019):

So, friends: It is important when we study the scripture (which is why I cross-reference) that we pay attention to the words and the (con)text. I have a Concordance that I don’t use, but I reckon that it is helpful for many theologians who love to study the scripture. Some theologians also use Greek, Hebrew translations. For those who do, here is a question:

The scripture says in Philippians 2:12: Work OUT your (own) salvation with fear and trembling.

It does not say: Work FOR your salvation. Is there a difference? Of course it is.

For legalists and hypocrites, I hope you die a slow death.

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