Huge Announcement and Question: Has The Racial, Social, and Political Divide Widened? Poetic Justice Reloaded – Merry Christmas 2020! #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love


Written in real time on January 15, 2021 at 9:54pm (previous post written on December 25, 2020):

My girls and I decided to have a Friday night listening party to commemorate our renewal of the next seven (7) years, and toast to the amazing work we’ve done in 2020. We’re on Spotify right now.  Thank you to the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate for recognizing and honoring the very hard work done by Love Is A Lifestyle and Porsche R. Armstrong in the four (4) years past. A riot on Capitol grounds and a second impeachment was so shocking to us, but it reminded us once again that God is just, and that He is highest above all. We plan to watch the impeachment trial. We wish all of Trump’s associates, business partners, conglomerates, legal representatives, and (former) administration the best. God Bless. 

I, the Founder, CEO, and Owner, plan to listen to a few of the albums that passed through Poetic Justice Reloaded (PJR) as we introduce the eight (8) branch-offs of Poetic Justice Reloaded (PJR). The first one: Kimber. Solo Female. Let’s congratulate all of the solo female artists who were able to release albums from October 24, 2019 until today. We love and appreciate you! You rock! I wanna rock with you, and you wanna rock with ME! 🙂

As of December 30, 2020, twelve (12) corporations have been verified and confirmed through our mission that include Porsche R. Armstrong (name, person, business, company, and organization), Love Is A Lifestyle, Destination Excellence, Armstrong Brown Henry, Armstrong Brown Cannon, OWN, CNN, SEE…more information forthcoming. 

Special thanks to the following team members and partners, a few of whom are also advisors*:

Kim Kardashian West – COO and Managing Partner (Communications, Law, and Justice) – Love Is A Lifestyle and Armstrong Brown Henry

Dua Lipa – (Acting) Director of Marketing, Communications, and Strategy; Public Relations; Brand and Talent (Coaching)  – Love Is A Lifestyle and Armstrong Brown Henry (Managing Partner)

Rachel Maddow – Managing Partner (Communications, Law, and Justice), Armstrong Brown Henry

Erin Burnett – Managing Partner (Communications, Law, and Justice), Armstrong Brown Henry

Sunny Hostin – (Acting) Human Resources Manager and Managing Partner, Love Is A Lifestyle and Armstrong Brown Henry

Laura Coates – COO and Managing Partner (Senior Legal Analyst), Armstrong Brown Henry and Justice

Abby Phillip – Managing Partner (Political Correspondent and Political Analyst), Armstrong Brown Henry

Ruth Chou Simon – COO, Managing Partner, and Legal Analyst – Justice, Love Is A Lifestyle, and Armstrong Brown Henry

Billie Eilish – Chief Managing Officer (CMO) , COO, Managing Partner, and Legal Analyst – Justice, Love Is A Lifestyle, and Armstrong Brown Henry

Beyonce Knowles Carter – COO, Chief Managing Partner (CMP) and Managing Partner, Love Is A Lifestyle, Armstrong Brown Henry, SEE, Lemonade, Uncommon James, Knix*

Tiffany Seifman – COO and Managing Partner – Love Is A Lifestyle, Armstrong Brown Henry, and SEE

Elizabeth Kahlig  – COO and Managing Partner – Love Is A Lifestyle, Armstrong Brown Henry, and SEE

Donna Kritz-Silverstein – COO, SEE

Jackie Hill Perry – COO and Managing Partner (Human Resources and Teaching and Instruction) – Love Is A Lifestyle, Armstrong Brown Henry, Ink Masters, Uncommon James*

Laura Carr – Chief Managing Partner (CMP), Armstrong Brown Henry

Pamela Lombardi – Chief Managing Partner (CMP), Armstrong Brown Henry

Chloe Flower – COO, CDO (Chief Digital Officer), Managing Partner, Partner, and Legal Analyst – Love Is  A Lifestyle, Armstrong Brown Henry, Flower Power, Uncommon James

Elle Varner – COO and Managing Partner – Love Is A Lifestyle, Poetic Justice Reloaded, and Uncommon James*

Tess Henley – Managing Partner, Legal Analyst, and Brand and Talent Coach – Love Is A Lifestyle, Poetic Justice Reloaded, and Justice

Kelly Clarkson – Managing Partner and Legal Analyst, Love Is A Lifestyle and Armstrong Brown Henry

Just a few of the wonderful women I wanted to acknowledge this evening. We have over 300 women on our team, and over 90 men representing our mission for the next seven (7) years.

A wonderful new year it is thus far.  Catching up on Greenleaf Season 4 and 5. Firestick. Yup!

Bet on black. I guess. ***sighs and ends typing and edits***

Porsche R. Armstrong (PRA), Raiche (R), and Vina Love (VL), operating under Porsche R. Armstrong (PRA), CNN, Armstrong Brown Henry, Love Is A Lifestyle, and Poetic Justice Reloaded 

10:23pm.  End. 

10:47pm. Second end. 


Merry Christmas, friends, family, and business partners! As of December 25, 2020, Love Is A Lifestyle has officially (publicly) confirmed itself as an organization (privately on December 6, 2020), and the Founder and now CEO (March 10, 2020) and Owner (June 6, 2020) Porsche R. Armstrong has also officially accepted her new duties for the next seven (7) years of mission work. Poetic Justice Reloaded (PJR) marked the beginning of our next seven (7) years (PJR was a MAJOR success – thank you to ALL of the writers, artists, creatives, musicians, and producers who passed through Poetic Justice Reloaded!), and although Love Is A Lifestyle went through a very difficult merger and transition that required tons of work (as with any new business, company, organization, and/or mission), we are happy to have made it this far! We are excited to announce that Porsche R. Armstrong is also officially an organization operating under all three above-named titles, and is excited to welcome 390+ team members, partners, and advisors who have been properly interviewed, vetted, and selected to take on the task of representing this love mission that started nearly eight years ago. We plan to introduce partners as well as businesses, companies, and organizations by name as time progresses. Porsche R. Armstrong and Love Is Lifestyle currently have 31 verifiable and confirmed organizations, with 300+ verifiable and confirmed companies, and 100+ verifiable and confirmed businesses that are working to help keep this economy afloat amidst the chaos and turmoil that has been called the worst recession in U.S. history. Porsche R. Armstrong would like to personally thank fellow business, marketing, and communications strategists, teachers, economists, legal analysts, and the downright nitty gritty human beings with superb work ethic – she truly appreciates each of you! We all have a part to play in the future of America and the world from this day forward.

How many albums blessed and graced Porsche R. Armstrong and Love Is A Lifestyle with their gifts and/or talents for Poetic Justice Reloaded (PJR) from October 24, 2019 until today? We were and are shocked beyond belief and are truly grateful for the overwhelming response from the Founder, CEO, and Owner’s OWN creative talent through Poetic Justice Reloaded. This was a recap of her previous 7,3, and 1 year(s), her precursor to her investigative law work, and her new build of her confirmed and verifiable organization Armstrong Brown Henry, and is also her life story, a reload of her modern remake of the movie Poetic Justice, and the book of Revelation (we went back to 4 years ago) in song. It was personally written, orchestrated, added in sequence for the purpose of great storytelling and creative direction, and published with SO many ideas in mind by the Founder, CEO, and Owner herself. We would like to personally thank Onika Maraj and Beyonce Knowles Carter for helping to guide the vision for this organization (PJR) in particular. All twenty-three (23) artists on PJR are FIRE!!!!! I am (and we are) so excited about the next seven (7) years and beyond! Freeze Frames (mentioned on June 6, 2020) is also officially an organization as of December 6, 2020.

Follow-up to January 3, 2020: Porsche R. Armstrong and Love Is A Lifestyle would like to thank all attorneys, lawyers, doctors, political analysts, legal analysts, authors, prosecutors, judges, news anchors and correspondents (CNN, MSNBC, PBS, C-Span), et cetera, who were apart of the collaborative effort of solving multiple cases worked in three years (from December 2016 to  December 2019) and issuing orders, sanctions, charges, convictions to appropriate persons (with an official notice from the Founder, Owner, and CEO mailed on November 16, 2019) for the safety, well-being, and growth of all connected persons for the next seven (7) years. We are continuing to teach and work on law cases through several of our organizations. Please continue the great work. Please continue to partner with us where necessary. We are confident that the next seven (7) years will run much smoother.

From her desk – and someone’s laptop – and with love and blessings for a wonderful new year,

Porsche R. Armstrong

Founder, CEO, Owner, and Organization operating under Porsche R. Armstrong, Love Is A Lifestyle, Armstrong Brown Henry, Armstrong Brown Cannon, and Justice on December 25, 2020

P.S. Guess what? I can still SEE. A new verifiable and confirmed organization.


No one cares about a beautiful face if you can’t SEE.

-The Artist Formerly Known As Porsche R. Armstrong

How this rings so true when I feel like a modern day Emmett Till. I’ve never whistled at a Caucasian woman (obviously), but I’ve been in love with a Caucasian man and an Italian man – as well as men of other races. One of the reasons why I talk about race so much, and support interracial marriages.

I would never dare imagine what Emmett went through before and while he was being burned and then hung on a tree, but I must say that I chose to preserve my eyesight over preserving my face. And I almost look like what he looked like. What God has made on this earth is more beautiful than one person’s face. Diversity.

Eyesight matters.

So, there is a huge announcement coming on Veteran’s Day, but this is the start of it: Listening, thinking, and reevaluating my work and my masterpiece Poetic Justice. The work and its impact has spanned far beyond my imagination. The ten (10) playlists originally created for Poetic Justice are going to be faded out. They will be replaced with twenty-two (22) albums that I handpicked (personally) with much thought as well as with minor direction from friends and creatives.

MY Spotify account (osugrad2005) will also be revamped – I have deleted songs and playlists, and will be adding new songs and new creativity. This is the something new I spoke about. A new Spotify account may or may not be in the works.

For history purposes. For creativity purposes. For legacy purposes. For love purposes. For purposes that are bigger than myself.

Yet and still, Love Is A Lifestyle (in its entirety) is MY legacy, and no one else’s. God built it. No one will tear it down.

So far, the top ten (10) albums I’ve chosen are:

Tess Henley – Wonderland

Ari Lennox – Shea Butter Baby

Jill Scott – Woman

Jackie Hill Perry – The Art of Joy

Beyonce – Lemonade (Visual Album)

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Jaime Woods – Troy

Elle Varner – Ellevation

Kierra Sheard – Graceland (Deluxe)

Nina Sims – Love Child

Tess and her brother Carson have been rocking with me for a while. Lol. Tess is dope. The four songs mean something. I am still deciding on the next twelve (12) albums, and will post an update on the decision or indecision. Lol.

Money comes fast, but it dies slow. Don’t drown in luxury.

-The Artist Formerly Known As Porsche R. Armstrong

This is sort of an interlude for Poetic Justice Reloaded. The quote above was a thought I had on February 10, 2019 at 3:44am. One thing I’ve said over and over again: I may not look like I’m prosperous to the world, but I am. God is prosperous, and my mission is prosperous as well. I don’t desire to be prosperous to the world or according to the world’s standards; I desire for God’s will to be done.

Don’t wish or hope or pray for my purpose and calling and anything else that comes with it if you can’t handle the heat when it comes. It’s more than a website and 37-year old instrument of mercy behind the scenes. It’s the Great Commission being fulfilled through my gifts and talents – my work for the Body of Christ.

Matthew 10:16. Matthew 28:18-20.

The next seven (7) albums I’ve chosen for Poetic Justice Reloaded are (added on October 27, 2019):

Ella Mai – Self-Titled

Foxy Brown – Chyna Doll

Ari Lennox – Pho

Nicki Minaj – Queen (Deluxe)

Nicole Bus – Kairos

Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer

Raiche – Drive

Can I capitalize this next album? Can I space it out? Can I add a conjunction?

They’re all MY sexy aren’t they?

-The Artist Formerly Known As Porsche R. Armstrong

The next five (5) albums I’ve chosen are (added on October 28, 2019):

Rihanna – Talk That Talk (Deluxe)

Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next

Taylor Swift – Reputation

Mereba – Room For Living

Dua Lipa – Self-Titled

Bonus: Jill Scott – The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Volume 3


Poetic Justice and Love Is A Lifestyle on November 11, 2019