Breaking News: CNN Business; CNN Justice! Introduction To The Current Seven Years – January 2020-January 2027! (Continuation Of The Previous Three Posts – SEE!!!) #GodIsLove #Faith #Hope #Love

Breaking News: CNN Justice (a new law and justice brand accompanied by several CNN News Anchors and Correspondents) is officially amongst CNN Business, CNN Films, CNN State Department, and CNN Pentagon! Congratulations to our Legal Operations and Strategy team members, our Business and Communication Strategy team members, and all of our Communication (Journalism, Broadcasting, Writing, Law, et cetera) team members!

Several of the areas of expertise that we (Porsche R. Armstrong and accompanying corporations) have added, built, and branded since creating and developing our 7-year team with the same mission, vision  (and with special focus) beginning in January of 2020 (continued): Brand Creation, Management (Reinvention) and Strategy; Creative Direction; Music and Score (M+S); Music and Writing (Music Pathway Partnership); Music and Performing (Music and Theatre Pathway Partnership); Financial Operations and Strategy; Legal Operations and Strategy; Writing and Publications (Journalism and Communications Pathway Partnership); Journalism and Communications; Broadcasting and Journalism; Marriage and Family, Love and Relationships; Human Resources Analytics and Strategy (Communication, Selection, Interviewing, Hiring, Onboarding, Training, et cetera); Business and Finance; Business and Law; Project Management; Teaching, Music, and Law, Teaching and Law; Art and Law; Art and Fashion; Medicine and Law, Music, Culture, and Politics (M,C,P); Culture and Public Policy; Law and Justice; Government Law and Administration; Resource Management, Entertainment and Sports Management; Business Strategy, and more.

Our final team of names for the next 7 (seven) years will be sealed on April 3, 2021. Our 7 (seven) years with this special focus will end on January 1, 2027. We have a rigorous process for the selection of our team members, and some of our team members have had to exit since being named and/or were removed from this process through evaluations, teaching, assessment, behavior analysis, legal cases and analysis, medical cases and analysis, et cetera. We’d like to thank our corporations Love Is A Lifestyle, Freeze Frames, and Justice (accompanied by several Human Resource Management companies, partnerships, and sponsorships) for accurate and the most up-to-date record-keeping.  

Again, we will introduce more team members as time progresses. We have approximately 428 team members, partners, managing partners, advisors, managers (in many capacities), directors, coaches, pathway representatives, et cetera, and not everyone will be mentioned during our 7-year continued mission.

Every single person’s work is valued and greatly appreciated.

More names and titles for our 7-year (continued) mission:

Business Partnerships (including Pathway Partnerships – not a complete list): Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle, Steve Jobs, Fredericka Whitfield, Anderson Cooper, Donald Glover, Jurnee Smollett, Tonja Bailey, Serena Williams, Allyson Felix, Danica Patrick, Aubrey Graham, O’Dell Beckham Jr., Tom Brady. Chris Paul, Lauren London, Jeannie Mai, Sophia Kogan, Suzy Cohen, Saju Mathew, Sanjay Gupta, Michael B. Jordan, Ryan Henry, Nicholas Scott Cannon, Ayesha Curry, Lilly Singh, Adrienne Bankert, Marielle Bobo, Shad Moss, Daniel Simmons, Ari Lennox, Jazmine Sullivan, Katy Perry, Lucy Liu, Shayla Eggleton, Tiffany Bivins, Rachel Roy, Stacey London, Julia Michaels, Julia Roberts, Nia Long, Simone Whitmore, Paola Ramos, Hosanna Wong, Natalie Grant, Adam Levine, Ryan Tedder, Brian Michael Cox, Gizelle Bryant, Tracee Ellis Ross, Warryn Campbell, Usher Raymond, Tristan Thompson, Stephen Curry, Jamie Dimon, Michael E. Moritz (and the list goes on).

We have 29 (twenty-nine) new talented artists that have joined our mission under Raija Janay. and Porsche R. Armstrong so far. Congratulations to the 38 (thirty-eight) solo female albums (including each from Poetic Justice Reloaded that have been branded and have passed our grading system for Miss Education (so far)!

Recent mergers:

Nicholas Scott Cannon and Ryan Henry with both and on both Armstrong Brown Henry and Armstrong Brown Cannnon through Justice, Love Is A Lifestyle, Graham, and Black Ink Crew Chicago, New York, and Compton

Several brands: Justice for Phor (Justice), The Vagina Slayer (Justice), Foxy Brown (Poetic Justice Reloaded and Pose), Tru University, The Real, Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, and ‘Gina, Give Me A Smoothie’ (Healthy. and Simply.)

Shawn Corey Carter (JAY-Z), Ryan Coogler, Ava DuVernay, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Ermias with Judas and The Black Messiah through MasterClass (M+S), Pose (M+S), Thirty One, Paramount+, Epix, AMC+

Steve Jobs, Billie Eilish, and Apple TV+ through Justice

Porsche R. Armstrong and Married To Medicine through Poetic Justice, Justice, Porsche R. Armstrong, SEE, Freeze Frames, Armstrong Brown Henry, Armstrong Brown Cannon, Married To Medicine and many thorough articles, reviews, studies, discussions, and hours of research and writing in both law and medicine (Note: all doctors, physicians, and health and medical professionals making an appearance on any news station after January 3, 2020 with research through December 2016 to December 2019 and through March 23, 2021 must show concrete evidence and proof of research and studies not related to and/or under the ownership of Porsche R. Armstrong and all current corporations or their medical and doctoral research is owned by Porsche R. Armstrong and all current corporations including Married To Medicine as of this date. Special thanks to Boston University Medical and PBS (Newshour).

Beyonce Knowles Carter, Armstrong Brown Cannon, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Ivy Park through Love Is A Lifestyle, Armstrong Brown Cannon, and Lemonade

Beyonce Knowles Carter, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Roc Nation through Love Is A Lifestyle and Poetic Justice Reloaded

LeBron James and Uncommon James through Poetic Justice Reloaded, SEE, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Raija Janay.

Bill Gates, Salesforce, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Microsoft Surface Pro and Macbook Pro through Justice, Undercover Billiionaire, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Salesforce

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble, and Porsche R. Armstrong through Justice, Poetic Justice, Lemonade, SEE, Armstrong Brown Henry, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Love Is A Lifestyle

Chance Combs, Misa Hylton, The Browns (3), Love Is A Lifestyle, and Bad Boy Records through Poetic Justice, SEE, Armstrong Brown Henry, Porsche R. Armstrong, and Love Is A Lifestyle

Twenties, Family Karma, Elementary, Mexican Dynasties, Doctor Who, Snowpiercer, Killing Eve, and Wonder Woman are several brands and masterpieces managed under Freeze Frames.

Sponsorships: Garnier, Keurig, American Heart Association, National Basketball Association, National Football League, Subway, Tim Hortons, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Women In Business (none currently sponsoring Porsche R. Armstrong or Love Is A Lifestyle)

Advisors (continued, and not a complete list): Glenn Stearns, Iyanla Vanzant, Nia Long, Rachel Roy, LeBron James, Ryan Reynolds, Rob Jacques, Esq,. Kevin O’Leary, Marshall Mathers, Nasir Jones, John (Legend) Stephens, Larenz Tate (Love Jones, a corporation)

Managers (not a complete list): Julia Roberts, Galen Heflin, Karlos Marshall, Janet Jackson, Misa Hylton, Bakari Sellers, Stacey London, Britney A. Moses, Beyonce Knowles Carter

Lawyers: Bakari Sellers, Sean Walton, Chanda Brown, Phaedra Parks, Cyle Catlett

Legal Analysts (new and continued; several of them operating in both the Human Resources and Legal area of expertise): Tess Henley, Glenn Kirschner, Joey Jackson, Sterling Brim, Trevor Jackson, Carrie Cordero

Broadcasting and Journalism (most recent team created): Ros Atkins, Yasmin Vossoughian, Amy Robach, Hari Sreenivisan, David Muir

Porsche R. Armstrong, the Founder, CEO, and Owner of this multi-level brand and corporation does not have and has never had Coronavirus, has not been tested for Coronavirus, and has not taken any of the vaccines.

We are blessed. We are well. I do not have any children. They are resting in Heaven.

Just finished drinking a smoothie that tastes like it has a swig in it.

Be blessed. Be well.


Porsche R. Armstrong, a corporation, and all current corporations under her direction as of March 23, 2021.

Picture credit: John Piper and Desiring God; also featured in Poetic Justice (December 2016 to April 2019)