About Porsche

ColorServant of Christ. Daughter of God. Writer. Author. Teacher. Poet. Leader. Nurturer. Exhorter.

Porsche R. Armstrong is a devoted follower of Christ, a lover of sound doctrine and theology, and a passionate word artist who has been gifted and graced by God to impact the world through writing, teaching, and discipleship. She has a testimony and a journey filled with personal life lessons that have enabled her to speak both from experience and with biblical authority. God’s grace, mercy, and favor has allowed her to share pieces of her journey and the wisdom she has gained to help women and men – young and old – all over the world. She believes in living a Christ-centered life and equipping others to do the same with the power and wisdom found in her Father’s Word. Simply put, she desires to increase the bounds of her ministry by sharing the perfect love of Jesus, teaching the doctrine of grace, highlighting the Cross and the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, and making disciples to advance the Kingdom of God.

By profession, Porsche is an educator and consultant, and currently teaches and tutors students and adult learners in many different capacities. Her main teaching focus consists of preparing high school students for college standardized testing throughout Central Ohio. She is the proud author of two books: Happily Ever After and Life After Death with another book in process for 2017, and two books in process for 2018 (Book Updates). She is an (aspiring) songwriter, screenwriter, producer, and director, and lawyer as she works on several creative writing projects. She is a servant leader who remains active in ministry, and finds purpose and complete joy in teaching and serving others for the glory of God.

Her desire and mission is to travel to schools, organizations, churches, theatres, and wherever God leads her to start a revolution for Christ and restore love, biblical womanhood, the biblical family unit, and marriage. If you are interested in having her speak at your event, assist with a writing or editing project, or host or teach at a conference or seminar, please contact her through the website. Also, to stay up-to-date with book releases, blog posts, and her (previous) ministry and (current) business, please subscribe to her blog via email.

Seek truth, spread truth, and exalt Jesus Christ!

With God’s Love,

Love Is A Lifestyle

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