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We hope you felt the love upon visiting our site. Share it with others. We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, feedback, prayer and accountability requests, personal testimonies, speaking engagements, ministry requests…you name it, we want to hear it!

Please leave your contact information, your geographical location, as well as your email address with details of your request at, and we will respond to you shortly!

Make love a lifestyle!

We appreciate your support!

Please support the Love Is A Lifestyle ministry by inquiring about our workshops or purchasing our books and products which will allow us to further the Gospel and increase the bounds of the ministry! Our books and products are solely here to:

1) Serve God and minister to the world

2) Exalt Jesus Christ

3) Make disciples

4) Spread love

5) Encourage the Body of Christ

6) Fulfill our mission that is outlined on the site (which is tied to God’s mission)

7) Sow back into the ministry!

Please help us achieve these goals with your support and generosity! If you would simply like to donate to the ministry, you may do so as well and we would be happy to provide you with information for tax purposes! Help us grow the ministry into everything God has planned for it to be! Thanks for your support.

Stay tuned for additional products forthcoming such as coffee mugs, totes, a variety of t-shirt designs, evangelism cards and other evangelism tools, pay it forward cards, etc.!

Remember to love, preach the Gospel, evangelize, and be a light! Share this site with someone you know who needs strengthening in their faith or wants to learn more about the Christian faith and salvation! God Bless You!

Workshops and Seminars

We are dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus Christ, and informing the world of the Good News and the Gospel in love. We desire to travel around the world to visit churches, companies and organizations, schools (K-12 and college), and even home settings to impart wisdom on God’s people in several different capacities and on several different topics.

We have formulated our own curriculum to minister to God’s people in the areas of: Salvation, Jesus and the Cross, The Biblical Family, The Biblical Lifestyle – Single and Married, The Virtuous Woman, Discipleship, Effective Parenting, Persevering through adversity, Faith, The Real Love Course, Life After Death or Happily Ever After book workshop, and many more! We can even tailor a specialized session based on your needs!

The workshops are usually an all-day or half-day event, and will be accompanied by guest speakers, panelists, married couples, pastors and ministers, as well as your everyday Christian. Speaking engagements (no workshop or seminar) are usually booked at a minimum of 2 hours. During the workshop, each participant will receive their own personal bible, journal and/or workbook material, special love gifts, and wisdom and fellowship that will alter the course of your life. Breakfast and lunch is usually included as well. For more information on how to bring us to your area, or to inquire about the curriculum, please contact us through our site!

We also plan to begin a global bible study for men and women around the world to connect and fellowship with other people and learn about Christ! You do not have to develop your own lessons, they will be created for you – which takes the stress off of the fellowship leader. If you are interested in being a leader in your area, please contact us through our site!

**If you would like to reserve and secure a workshop date and time in advance (without sending an email or being added to the waitlist), please submit requested date with your contact number and geographical location via email. Upon receipt, we will begin coordinating with you immediately regarding workshop details. Specific workshop details vary based on guest speakers and panelists who will be in attendance, special accommodations, the size of the event, etc. We look forward to fellowshipping and ministering with you!

We are committed to spreading the love and truth of God. We hope that you will partner with us!


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