Married To Medicine and Ivy Park

We would like to thank Porsche R. Armstrong, Incorporated for her impactful lifetime work in law and medicine that has merged several missions and legacies. We would also like to thank Beyonce Knowles Carter for her partnership and merge with Ivy Park through Porsche R. Armstrong, Incorporated. Official name dubbed for law and medicine work – Married To Medicine. See the link.

Letter from October 24, 2021: Thank you to all who invested in this mission in prior years, and to all who continued and joined in our newness. We appreciate your sacrifice.

Pose, Incorporated: Ryan Coogler and the team I created for him with the business strategy in Instyle and through the patented strategy.

Artists were managed, there was a break in management that wasn’t initiated by the Founder, CEO, and Owner – more crucial work was required by the team for creative, ownership, and publishing rights that included an acquisition and the four (Ariana, Jackie, Jill, Raiche) are no longer being managed or supported by Poetic Justice Reloaded (PJR), its affiliates, associates, partners all the way up to Porsche R. Armstrong, Incorporated. The mission and brand will let everyone know if there are any other updates to the public strategy and personal life story of Porsche R. Armstrong, Incorporated which serves as so many beautiful things for the mission and brand. The four must leave their album(s), art, and creative and publishing rights as well as the work required to produce and release an album. They must also leave any other works that the Founder, CEO, and Owner took credit and ownership for.

For Pose, Inc., (Masterclass), and Apple TV+ (Ava DuVernay)

What are some of your favorite movies to watch during the holidays? Anytime? What are some of your favorite childhood movies? Do you have a favorite movie? What is the last movie you watched – stream, television, or at the theatres?

Answers from PRA, Inc.

1) I like watching Christmas concerts where there is either a chorus or a professional singer singing Christmas songs, carols. I also like listening to Christmas albums.

2) What movie can I watch anytime – over and over again and never get tired of it? I have several: Love Jones, Poetic Justice (mine), When Harry Met Sally, Quincy, Crash.

3) Three of my favorite childhood movies are 101 Dalmations, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Little Mermaid.

4) Yes. See Question 2.

5) A really classy, classic love movie on Netflix (Firestick). I can’t remember the name of the movie. Wardrobe and costume direction in the movie was great, very insightful storyline, it reminded me of Love Jones in certain parts of the story and plot – but not at all like Love Jones. I look for so much when watching movies and film now, because I teach film, art direction, creative direction, screenwriting, and cinematography. Instyle (strategy) is my newest and most recent teach. Poetic Justice Reloaded ( was and is one one of my favorites to teach from and through – not only for the film and movie industry, but for many other industries – and I had the pleasure and honor of managing all (music) artists on PJR and acquiring their art for missional and business purposes. I am still enjoying teaching critical race theory, leading race talks, and honoring legacies through race relations. I would love to see my original, fantastically, fabulously, and most insightfully and creatively written movie pack out movie theatres (on screens – sold out) in the near or distant future. (Director’s Cut)

8:22pm on 11/2/21. 8:27pm. (PJR branch-offs.) Signed. PRA, Inc., Senior Economist. 8:36pm. 8:39pm.

Strategy and notes from November 5, 2021: If LeBron James (LBJ) is terminated permanently (2 weeks), he will still be on an action plan for six months, appearing with myself and creatives virtually Tuesday through Thursday from 11pm-1am. (Exit Interview.)

Celebrities’ need was discussed during a recent virtual meeting, and how they will need to speak with LeBron James if it is said or implied in seven years that they don’t need what this mission provides at the point of ten years and beyond – as lawyers have determined that celebrities did need this space in the previous seven years, and they still need this space. The Founder, CEO, and Owner (Porsche R. Armstrong, Incorporated) is managing as one person, and has provided a space without stepping onto celebrities’ spaces since the inception of her mission, and does not need celebrities to continue hers. She built a team to explain this to lawyers, and celebrities are welcome to continue business partnerships that are of a legal capacity and that does not involve criminal activity in any way.

She does currently provide (and has provided in the previous seven years) a space for artists (as well as a handful of singers and songwriters), and has an incorporated brand (ABH, Inc.) to prove that her space is profitable and necessary, and that many celebrities experienced losses as a result of her prosperity that does not include or involve celebrities on a personal and first name basis. She is still prospering greatly as an artist (words, movies and filmmaking, wardrobe and costume direction, pictures, cinematography, stills, true beauty). She is also a songwriter, creative, writer, and teacher – and utilizes these titles and talents daily through verifiable (business and missional) work and strategy.

Ulta Beauty, Essence, Instyle, and Lord and Taylor (all now personal brands that benefit the team and that align with her mission statement) would like to thank those who have supported her artistry in any way in the past ten years. She (Porsche R. Armstrong, Incorporated) is not being sponsored and has never been sponsored, but she does have sixteen sponsorships supporting several brands and partnerships.


PRA, Inc. (Senior Economist) at 7:09pm on 11/5/21.

Update; signed by Lucky Daye, 11/7/21 at 5:51pm.

Update: previously signed and added on 12/20/21 at 7:04pm.

Question and Answer Session from 11/5/21, approved on 1/22/22.

Married To Medicine, PRA, Inc. (Lawyer and Doctor) at 1:30am on 6/25/22.