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Poetic Justice: NEW Book Coming Soon!

Porsche R. Armstrong is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and has gained a wealth of industry knowledge in banking and financial services through her professional experience in the corporate world. Her area of study allows her to speak and write as a subject matter expert in reference to budgeting, finance, consumer trends, business ventures, etc. After enjoying a professional career in the banking and finance industry where she was very successful for over six years, she realized that she was destined for a greater purpose.

As Founder and CEO of a tutoring and educational consulting company, Porsche is able to use her God-given talents daily to serve others. She has always had a passion for writing and teaching. Her clients range from school-age and high school students to college students and adult learners. She has assisted many clients, students, and families in reaching their personal, professional, and educational goals. Her most recent clients are benefiting from her proven skills in ACT and SAT preparation in English, Reading, Writing, and Math. She has a team of educators and tutors that assist her in providing every client an opportunity to succeed – regardless of the subject matter. She has always been passionate about teaching, and finds true purpose in her career.

Porsche is currently maintaining a Christian blog that began (unofficially) in January of 2014 as a result of the Holy Spirit’s urging. She has embarked on a journey of revealing her personal collisions with truth and the life experiences that have shaped her relationship with Christ. Journey with her as she chronicles her love adventures, and covers topics that are unconventional yet still very biblical. No topic is off-limits for her. Follow her blog (that she has linked to this website) at porschearmstrong.wordpress.com (previously Love Chronicles of Porsche and now Love Is A Lifestyle) to subscribe and receive her blog updates via email!

In addition to her above-mentioned projects, she is also currently assisting clients with personal and professional writing projects as a freelance writer and editor. She has continued to exhibit her expertise in creative writing and education management in her current business venture, as well as in the literary arena. She has worked with clients who have gone on to top-notch colleges, and who have received scholarships, fellowships, and Master’s degrees. She has also worked with clients who have gained a sustainable footprint in the small business and entrepreneurial realm, and she has helped thousands of individuals as a result of work completed in the non-profit sector. She is a gifted writer, as well as an aspiring lawyer and screenwriter, and wrote her first literary work Family Ties in three weeks. She has published two literary pieces: Happily Ever After and Life After Death. Porsche finds complete joy in writing, and offers her expertise and writing contributions as often as she can to individuals and businesses with requests for a variety of writing projects including but not limited to: essay review and revision, grant and contract writing, creative writing, songwriting, professional writing, and editing and proofreading. For more information about her tutoring company, general business and ministry inquiries, consulting inquiries, or writing questions and inquiries, please contact her through this website or via email at porsche.armstrong9@gmail.com.

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